May 16, 2010

CH Chatty Eyes Across Alaska SD


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Nina is from a hungarian kennel called Chatty Eyes.

Everything happened so fast with Nina, like a lightning – bamm – and I was already holding my little red devil.  She has a very strong personality, she is bossy and she likes to be on her own… She isn’t that cuddly type we got used to, so it’s sometimes hard for her to fit into our family, but  if you get to know her you gotta love this crazy girl! She is always doing something (usually redesigning our garden), she has way too much energy even next to trainings. I guess this what makes her such a good worker in the harness, she loves to run! This was one of the most important things when I got her, I really wanted to get a great sportdog, and I did!

She is a strong boned female with nice movement and great fur. She isn’t a tall husky girl, but that’s my favourite attribution of her… It’s so easy to carry her after his massive uncle, Tivo. Also, her size doesn’t stop her from being fast on the trail!

Nina started her working carrier incredibly good, at 15 months old she already owned a 1st and a 3rd place in D category, I am very proud of her and we’re looking forward to the next season!

Call name: Nina

Date of Birth: 12.03.2011.

The color of her eye: amber

Her color: red / white

Eyes: clear

Hips: HD-A

Breeder: Márta Komlósi (Chatty Eyes kennel)


YSL Jazz of Nordica BISS, HCH, USA CH Kaila’s Rouge Commando
HUNG CH Oh Sweet Victory Of Nordica
CH Tullemore’s Copyright
Kaila’s Evening Star II
INT/GER/NETH CH Kristari’s Happy Globetrotter
HUN CH Love Me Do Of Nordica
HJCH Sanctuary of Northern Glamours CH Tovik’s Law and Order
HUN JrCH Big Foot Good Morning Lara
CH Kristari’s Rudolph Valentino
CH Tovik’s Trace Evidence
Kortina’s Brown And Blue
HUN CH Big Foot Good Morning

Her show results:

Nina is handled either by me or our professional handler, Orsolya Nagy. 

Show Class Judge Result
2012.09. Clubshow for Northern Breeds (Hun) Puppy Mr. György Tesics (HUN) VP1, Puppy res.BISS!
2014.09.22. CAC Show for S.Huskies and A.Malamutes (Hun) Working Mrs. Judit Szilágyi (HUN) Exc.1. CAC, Working res.BIS!
2014.10.11. Komárom CACIB (Hun) Working Mrs. Váczi-Balogh Zsuzsanna (HUN) Exc.1. CAC
2014.10.11. Clubshow for S.Huskies and A.Malamutes (Hun) Working Mr. Eugeny Kuplyauskas (RUS) Exc.1. CAC, Working Dog BISS, Waterside Cup Winner!
2014.10.12. Elit Dog Fest CAC (Srb) Working Mr. Zeljko Todorovic (SRB) Exc.1. CAC
2014.10.12. Elit Dog Fest Specialty for V FCI Group (Srb) Working Mr. Franjo Kovacev (CRO) Exc.1. CAC, Club Winner, NEW SERBIAN CHAMPION!

Working Carrier:

Nina passed her working exam, she is officially a working sleddog (SD)

Race Category Result
2012.02.06.: Dobogókő Cup D1 (2 siberian huskies) 3rd place with Tivo and Me
18.03.2012. Bear Cup Veresegyhaza: D1 (2 siberian huskies) 1st place with Tivo and Me
13-14.10.2012. Cart Race, Vének D1 (2 siberian huskies) 1st place with Tivo and Me
2012.11.03-04. Cart race, Reingers D1 (2 siberian huskies) 5th place with Tivo and Me
Gold cup (race series) D1 (2 siberian huskies) 1st place with Tivo and Me
2013.09.20-22. XVIII.International Sleddog Meeting, Hungary D1 (2 siberian huskies) 4th place with Tivo and Me
2013.10.12-13. III.Szigetköz-vének Cup, Hungary D1 (2 siberian huskies) 2nd place with Tivo and Me
2013.11.03. I. Hunting Dog Magazine Cup, Hungary Woman canicross 4th place with Me
2014.03.01-02. Váckisújfalu Cup, Hungary D 2nd place with Tivo and Me
2014.03.29-30. V. Bear Cup, Hungary D1 2nd place with Tivo and Me
2011.04.05. Championship of Budapest Woman canicross 1st place with Me
2014.09.19-21. XIX.International Sleddog Meeting, Hungary Scooter with 1 FCI dog 2nd place with Me
VIII. FISTC European Championship, Vének, 2014. Woman canicross with 2 dogs 2nd place with Tivo and Me and JUNIOR EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS!
2015.02.07-08. Hutianska Stopa, Slovakia junior D1 (2 siberian huskies) 1st place with Tivo and Me
2015.02.21-22. Lesnánsky MID, Slovakia C/D (2 or 4 dogged sled teams) 2nd place with Tivo and Me
2015.03.07-08. II. Tanyakerülő, Hungary Scooter with 2 dogs 2nd place with Tivo and Me
2015.03.28-29. VI. Bear Cup, Hungary Scooter with 2 dogs 3rd place with Tivo and Me
2015.04.19. International Dryland Sleddog Race, Serbia Scooter with 2 dogs 2nd place with Tivo and Me

Obedience: not yet

Exam Level Result

Some baby photos of Nina:



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