June 18, 2009

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The HuskyBlanka Team is a small race and show team located in the mountains of Hungary. My goal is to show all the fantastic attributions of this breed. I want to show their working skills, I want to prove, that siberian huskies are clever and that even the showline is able to work and achieve nice results. We do a lot of activities and I try to find the perfect exercise for every each of them, I would never do something  they don’t enjoy.

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About Me

I grew up with dogs, they have a really important role in my life. We used to have komondors (a hungarian breed), but for my big luck my father fell in love with sledding and after a funny accident Leavin Las Vegas of WinterFlower – “Ice” became a member of our family. I was very young, but I liked her so much. She was our first siberian husky and I fell in love with her temperament, her attitude, her look, everything… During winters I sat in the sledbag and with my father and with Ice we took so many fantastic sledtrips in the forest… Who wouldn’t fell in love with an experience and a breed like this?

The turning point in my life came in 2009, when I decided to have an own dog… Our family always had dogs, but I wanted a puppy which I can raise on my own, I wanted a dog who is just mine… And of course I wanted a siberian husky! Ice taught me so much about the breed, I was sure I can easily handle another one… We were searching on the internet and found a litter in Serbia. I planned to get a female puppy, but when I saw the pictures I couldn’t listen to my mind, I fell in love for the first sight with the little black male… I was quite lucky (maybe that’s what people call faith?), because as it turned out he was the only available pup from the litter. That’s how Northspring’s My Tricky Tuesday – “Tivo” became my dog! I was incredibly happy when I got him, he overfulfilled every expectation I had.

Tivo grew nicely and became a beautiful young boy, but as it turned out it’s much harder to handle a male husky. He is a dominant male, so we had difficulties, but we only have to look at each other and we perfectly know what the other wants. I just can’t wish a better dog, I love him so much! He is a once in a lifetime dog… He is THE DOG for me!

In 2009. we had another addition to our team: Almássy Délceg Alfréd – “Mende”. He is a beautiful komondor male and our first show dog. He won junior Best In Show on his very first show and finished his hungarian junior championship after a very limited showing as well.

After Tivo’s arrival I took up a new sport too, canicross! This is a sport, where the dog and the owner have to run together. We were quite succesful, but our carrier’s highlight came in 2010. November when we participated on the FISTC European Championship in Reingers. We took 3. place in junior canicross!!! Next year (in 2011.) we defended this title and won bronze medal again in Smlednik at the 5th FISTC European Championship. I’m so proud of my boy!

After Reingers I decided that I want to try out sledding too, that’s how Dina (Big Taj Brisk Swift Dina) came into our life. She is a race dog who is owned by one of our really good friends, Lajos Köffer, who gave me her until the World Championship in Donovaly (2011.). We trained for this race so hard and we took 6th place in junior D1 category and 23rd in the whole group!!! I was incredibly happy with this result, but now I know, that with better equipments we could had achieve better results! It was still a fantastic experience, and I learnt a lot. Mainly about the differences of the show and working lines.

After Donovaly I gave back Dina, but I wanted to continue sledding, I got addicted to the races and the feeling of being a musher… One of my friends, Márta Komlósi (Chatty Eyes kennel), who is a siberian husky breeder, had puppies and I fell in love with one of the girls, a beautiful red female. I was planning to increase the number of my team, so I was really happy when my parents agreed and I could finally have another dog… Since then Chatty Eyes Across Alaska – “Nina” is a great member of our gang, and I have really big plans with this little girl!!

But some bad things also happened to our team in 2011…. We had a big loss, our very first siberian husky, Leavin’ Las Vegas of WinterFlower – “Ice” left us… She was an incredible dog and she will never be forgotten!

In 2012. I could finally start racing with my own team (Chatty Eyes Across Alaska and CH Northspring’s My Tricky Tuesday). Also in October Tivo’s first litter was born in Czech Republic. I’m very satisfied with the pups.

Since 2012. we started concentrating on our working carrier and we had some amazing times on races. I found my best friends in the “doggy world” and I don’t know what would I do without them!

In 2014. our life changed again. After years of planning and waiting I got a little boy in co-ownership, Northspring’s Born to Be Good – “Koda”. He will be definitely a very important part of our future, I’m so happy he joined our team! He already showed his values, and I just can’t wait to watch him grow up. He is a really special little man.

Just after a few months of Koda’s arrival we went to another European Championship, where I raced with Nina and Tivo. In woman canicross with 2 dogs we won silver medal and became Junior European Champions!!! Just weeks after we became National Champions… 2014. was definitely the most successful year for us!!!

I have big dreams and also big plans. In the next few years I have to learn a lot about this fantastic breed, about shows and sports, mushing, standard, origins, lines and everything what’s connected to these fantastic dogs, to the siberian huskies, but I do believe that with my dogs the world is open for me, and we have a bright future ahead!

Of course our story did not end yet!

I would like to thank Agnes Karl and Laszlo Domonkos for giving me Tivo and Koda, they are fantastic boys, I just can’t wish better dogs and for all the help and trust, I can’t even describe how much it means to me!

I also want to say thank you to Lajos Köffer and his family for giving me Dina, and the possibility to start racing in sledding. Köfi also taught me a lot about this sport, I learnt a lot from him!

I want to thank Márta Komlósi for entrusting Me with my little Ninja, I’m very grateful!

I hope you liked our team and you will come back to our site later on!

Blanka and the gang: Tivo, Nina, Koda and Mende.

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