June 18, 2009

About Me


About Me

I grew up with dogs, they have a really important role in my life. We used to have komondors (a hungarian breed), but for my big luck my father fell in love with sledding and after a funny accident Leavin Las Vegas of WinterFlower – “Ice” became a member of our family. She was our first siberian husky, and she soon became my favourite dog. During winters I sat in the sledbag and with my father and with Ice we took so many fantastic sledtrips in the forest… Who wouldn’t fell in love with an experience and a breed like this?

The turning point in my life came in 2009, when I decided to have an own dog… Our family always had dogs, but I wanted a puppy which I can raise on my own, I wanted a dog who is just mine… And after some thinking I decided, that I want another siberian husky. Ice taught me so much about the breed, I was sure I can easily handle another one… We were searching on the internet and found a litter in Serbia. I planned to get a female puppy, but when I saw the pictures I couldn’t listen to my mind, I fell in love for the first sight with the little black male… I was quite lucky (maybe that’s what people call faith?), because as it turned out he was the only available pup from the litter. That’s how Northspring’s My Tricky Tuesday – “Tivo” became my dog! I was incredibly happy when I got him, he overfulfilled every expectation I had.

Tivo grew nicely and became a beautiful young boy, but as it turned out it’s much harder to handle a male husky. He is a dominant male, so we had difficulties, but we only have to look at each other and we perfectly know what the other wants. I just can’t wish a better dog, he is a once in a lifetime dog… 

As I was doing competitive sport when Tivo arrived, he soon joined me for my running trainings. We really enjoyed this kind of activity together, and we also found out a bit later, that there is an actual sport for this, called canicross. We started racing together, and at that point my whole life turned upside down. Sleddog sports became a huge part of my life.

I got addicted to the races and after trying out sledding in the Winter season I also wanted to have another dog…  I was really happy when my parents agreed, so soon Chatty Eyes Across Alaska – “Nina” joined our team.

Since 2012 we started concentrating on our sleddog sport carrier and we had some amazing experiences on races, and the team had another addition too, Northspring’s Born to Be Good – “Koda”, a very special little man. I also found my best friends in the “doggy world” and I don’t know what would I do without them. 

We’ve seen some amazing places, met wonderful people, learnt so much and had the time of our lives. I do believe it will only get better and better, and we have many more adventures to come. Our story did not end yet!

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