October 18, 2009

HJCH Almássy Délceg Alfréd – “Mende”


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Mende is our gang’s only komondor. He has absolutely stunning parents and very good pedigree with bloodlines we like.

He isn’t  very big but he is very proportional. He has great fur, very dark pigments and a lovely temperament. He is very playful and cuddly (which is pretty funny from a komondor). We are very pleased with him in every way!

Our huskies turned him into a giant husky, he tries to copy every movement of them. He even tried out sledding, but I think he prefers his original “job” 🙂

More photos in his gallery.

Call name: Mende

Date of Birth: 2009.09.01.

The colour of his eye: brown

His colour: white

Stands: 79 cms

Weight: 55 kgs

Eyes: not checked yet

Hips: not checked yet

Imkó von Thüringen HCH, HSCH, HGCH Karcagpusztai Nábob
HCH. HSCH, HGCH, ICH Argentína Téri Zsófi
HCH Kóczánpusztai Hatalmas Alfréd
HJCH HCH Karcagpusztai Ella
Pusztaszéli Gazdaggyönyge Batyu
Puszták-Népe Panni
Kisgesztelyi Harcos Flóra HJCH, HCH, HSCH, HGCH Mátyás Király Udvari Nyalka „Betyár”
HJCH, HCH, HSCH Fodros Von Thüringen
HJCH Pénzesgyőri Erdész
HJCH Mátyás király Udvari Örzse
VDHCH Pénzesgyőri Vezér
HCH. HSCH, HGCH, ICH Argentína Téri Zsófi

Show Carrier:

Show Class Result Judge
07.2010. Nyíregyháza CAC Junior Excellent 1, HPJ, Best Junior, Junior Best in Show Mrs. Ilona Lukács Udvardiné
Debrecen CAC Junior Excellent Mr.
29.08.2010. Debrecen CACIB Junior Excellent 1, HPJ, Best Junior Dr. Zsolt Molnár
28.08.2010. Debrecen CACIB Junior Excellent 1, HPJ, Best Junior NEW HUNGARIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION! Mr. Gábor Korózs

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