My name is Blanka Csizmadia, I am a 22-year old girl from Hungary.

I grew up with dogs, so they have a really important role in my life. We used to have komondors (a hungarian breed), but for my biggest luck my father fell in love with sledding, and we got our first Siberian Husky, Ice. She was simply amazing, the nicest, but at the same time slyest dog I have ever met. During winters my father and I took so many sledtrips in the forest with her. I was sitting in the sledbag, while Ice was working hard in the front, pulling me across the white landscape. I fell in love with sleddog sports right there, and it has turned my whole life upside down.

Today I have three Siberian Huskies on my own, and in order to chase my dreams and have more experiences with that white winter landscape I remember so well from my childhood, I have moved to Norway with them.

This blog is dedicated to our adventures and  our dog-powered everydays.