June 18, 2009



The siberian husky was originally a working breed, so for me it’s really important  to do some kind of sport with them beside the shows. I would never do these things if I would think my dogs don’t enjoy it. But that smile I see on their faces while they are running in their harnesses and work…. Priceless!

When I got Tivo I thought that the only sport is sledding, and I can’t do anything with one dog. As I dig deeper I found out that there are lot of possibilities, so we took up canicross. And soon some other sports followed it…


Canicross is the sport of running your dog in harness with an equipment similar or the same used for skijoring (harness, waistbelt and an elastic line). Canicross is not simply walking the dog. Running with a dog on a leash is not canicross. In canicross the dog pulls you. Your hands are free because your dog is attached to the belt. Great activity for the owner and the dog too!


Sledding and Carting

If I mention that I do sledding most people immediately  think of the snowy fields of Alaska, with the 12 dogged teams running across the scape. They all think I have plenty of dogs. Well, the minimum number of dogs is two (there is no maximum), you don’t need a whole pack to race. The dogs are attached to the sled by a gangline and they are wearing harnesses. Also, the musher has to work and run with the dogs, so it’s not an easy sport as many people think. But alltogether it’s just a fantastic experience! 

When musher’s don’t have snow they train and race with three or four-wheeled carts. The other equipments (harness, lines, etc.) are the same as what we use for sledding.


Our latest sport is scootering, which means 1-2 dogs are pulling the musher on a scooter, a two wheeled roller. It is actually much more fun with a small team, like mine, because the scooter is much lighter.

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