Report about the serbian race (oct.06.)

At the beginning of autumn I got a message with a poster from Laci about a new serbian race. Without any hesitation we said yes, especially when we were promised that Ági’s parents will cook again! After a fast organizing our team came together, almost the same we had in March (at the first race of the Sleddog Sport Club Serbia) but this time Gábor and Dáriusz joined us too. Because the event was pretty close to the border (it was placed on the riverside of Tisa in Kanjiza) we only had to go on the day of the race, on Sunday.

My alarm rang at 4:20, I got out of my bed more enthusiastically than I usually do for school an hour later. I got ready, threw my stuff into the car. I had a bag for myself and Tivo, and another bag full of baby clothes… I’m not telling you what facial expression I made at my mother… But it was also funny a bit, in my last report which I made after the race in March I was discussing how good parents will Laci and Ági be, and now I’m bringing them baby clothes…

This time we got a lift to Szentendre, because there is no bus which goes so early from our town. Tivo was so happy that we’re finally going somewhere. This week he was limited in his freedom because Nina was in heat, and even when I let Tivo free he stayed beside the kennel with his girl…

Our way down the hill was superfast, because there was no traffic. We saw some relatives of Nina (don’t worry, there are no freely running huskies beside the road where I live, we call foxes this way). We got to the train station around the same time as Gábor. He came to pick me up from there. We put our stuff to the car, I said goodbye to my mother, I put Tivo on the backseat+trunk, I think he never travelled on such a big place before. At the beginning he wanted to drive or at least assist, but after I convinced him it’s not the best idea he calmed down and fell asleep.  When we were around the Parlament of Hungary I suddenly remembered what I forgot, I got so worried, but we found a solution… Luckily. By the way, the city was beautiful, the buildings were illuminated and everything was so peaceful. Beside every bad thing I adore Budapest.

When we got to Gábor’s place we introduced the two boys (Tivo and Dáriusz) to each other. After a few seconds of eyeing they decided that they won’t be friends, which didn’t surprise us, but we were hoping they would get along… Dári doesn’t like me either though, maybe this was where it all went wrong.

While we were waiting for Petra and Sipi we walked a bit, Tivo was hunting for birds, then he banged his head into a doghouse which was followed by headshaking and sneezing, he hit his head very badly… Crazy dog! Meanwhile the Sun came up, but it was still cool.

Finally the familiar white minibus showed up on the road. We packed in our bags and Gábor’s scooter. Dáriusz went into a crate next to Hanna and Bilbo, Lüszi was traveling on the backseat with Petra, and Tivo with Sipi and me in the front. From the first moment my boy was wooing our driver, Sipi and while I left for a quick bathroom brake when we picked up Anett and Slava I completely lost his attention for me. I was really surprised, he never put anyone in front of me before, I was always number 1…

Finally with everyone in the car we could head to the location of the race. The mood was great as always, Gábor told us his intention about sleeping, we were just laughing… One does not simply sleep with us in the car! I was still a bit under the effect of waking up early so I didn’t even realize and we already reached Szeged. I saw a few cars with dogs, they had a dog show in the city that day as well. When we left behind the city and deepest point of Hungary we got to the border. The guards checked the car, the scooter, Sipi’s bike, us, the dogs, basically everything and then let us go. We didn’t have to go too much in Serbia, we reached Kanjiza quickly. We met Laci on the road, he navigated us to the stake-out.

People were already making the trail, we got the dogs out of the van, took them for a quick walk. People came to admire them, then racers and spectators started to arrive. Laci put his silvers on the stake-out, I put my black sheep next to them. From then on he was howling and barking to pique the people’s interest.

We signed up, took our start number and started preparing a bit. Dáriusz made the last thing pretty difficult for me, because he decided that the minibus is his and I’m not allowed around it, but we solved the situation and I got my stuff. Meanwhile more and more photographers showed up, even the TV was there! (we also gave an interview after the race, but it’s in hungarian)


Tivo was more than happy when I finally put his harness on and we started going to the start. It got pretty warm, I was racing in a single T-shirt, big change after wearing a coat in the morning. The trail was around 2,8 kms, mainly flat. Tivo was fantastic even though it was really hot for him, I love him so much!!! When we got to the finish I felt really tired, the trail was longer than I expected. Our category had the most starters, so I was really nervous about our results, but I just said to myself whatever will happen will happen, we did what we could.

When everybody finished the race we could finally go to have lunch. I was looking forward to this since weeks. When I had time I went to check on the food, I was thinking about it all day long. So when I could finally eat I was over the moon, it was so delicious!

After lunch there was the award ceremony. Thanks to the the sponsors there were a lot of gifts. There were so many, that there was a possibility to do a raffle as well!

At the last race we had a big advantage uphill, even if we died on the top of the hill. So now I was really nervous if somebody ran faster than us on this flat trail. But it turned out that we were great with Tivo! We won our category (woman canicross) and then on the raffle too!


It started getting late, so we slowly started leaving. We got our stuff together, said goodbye to everybody. On the border we saw the strangest car/van I’ve ever seen, the guards set it aside to see it closer too. They also told us to get out of the line and double checked the minibus with the bike and scooter at the back and the 6 dogs inside. We showed them the nice boxes we won and then after checking our and the dog’s passports we could finally continue our way back home.

When we were around Szeged I was looking for cars with dogs, maybe even friends going home from the dogshow, but after a bit Gábor fell asleep and a bit after him me too.

First we took Gábor and Dáriusz home, then we quickly popped in to Sipi’s and Petra’s place to change the car. We took a look at their house, it’s really friendly full of doggy stuff. Sipi has a collection of stuffed husky toys, it’s amazing! And the garden was in perfect condition, you wouldn’t be able to tell that they have dogs in it… Or maybe it’s only my Nina who wants to destroy everything.

Our next stop was Anett’s place, and then from there we went to meet my mother. While we were waiting in the parking lot Tivo continued wooing and when we got out of the car he tried to fulfill his love, but Sipi rejected him, so he was really disappointed. I tried to cheer him up and told him he will see his love again in less than a week, because next weekend we were already at another race… But this is another story!

Blanka Csizmadia


Photos by: I love Kanjiza, Petra Karácsony and Aci Snajdar

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