The summary of 2012

This year was a silent year for our team. I spent a lot of time abroad, so we don’t have as many results as we used to, but I’m still very proud of my team! I learnt a lot, I have a clearer picture of the future, I know what I want now. But first of all, lets take a quick review our year.

 This year Mende didn’t go to shows, but Tivo did, he finished his Hungarian Champion title. 

Nina started her sport carrier, we raced in D1 (Nina and Tivo with me as a musher), and we collected 1 x 5th place, 1 x 3rd place, 2 x 1st place and a Gold Cup victory (it was a race series). I’m incredibly proud of my Little Girl, she is just fantastic!

This year we didn’t go to World or European Championships, hope next year we can make it!

Also Tivo’s first litter was born in Czech, 5 beautiful black and white puppies. I’m pleased with them, can’t wait to watch them grow up!


I have really big plans in the future… I will still travel a lot, and my biggest dream is to involve my huskies, but for the next few years it’s impossible, so I have to work really hard, organize everything really good to achieve my dreams. I want to pass the working exam with both dogs. I want to start Nina’s show carrier. I want to pass some obedience exams aswell. My expectations are big, but I know that my dogs are able to make it if we work hard together. 


This year I also found out who are my real friends, I met some fantastic people. Most importantly Orsi, who became my best friend, I know she is always there for me, and I can trust her with everything. I just can’t describe how happy I am to have her in my life. She gives me such a big strength in everything, I don’t know where would I be without her!

There are some other people too I would like to also thank:

Agi and Laci for all the trust and help and the friendship. They are always there to help me with my little stupid questions, and even though I’m young and not so experienced they trusted me with my perfectly perfect boy, Tivo. I really hope they never regretted this decision.

Köfi for all the advices about sledding and cart-racing. He helps where he can, he taught me a lot!

Márti and Zsani for my Little Girl. I can also always ask them if I have a problem, they are always ready to answer me.

Bence for all the talks, inside jokes and friendship.

Anett for the advices and help. 

Bary for the trust. I hope she is as pleased as me with the pups! 

The whole team of the sleddog racers, they are such a helpful team, with so many great people. Can’t wait to start next years race season and meet them again!

I really hope our next year will be better and brighter. We will see what the future holds for us, but until it we would like to wish everybody a Happy New Year!! 🙂


One thought on “The summary of 2012

  • I hope your dreams will come true, I know next year keeps us a lot of amazing moment… some drinks in Starbucks (without missing the train :P) and winning on shows (maybe also some jh winning with Tivo ) … 🙂
    See you soon girl!:*

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