Summary of our year

It’s the end of 2011, and I hope everyone had a fantastic year… I made a little summary with the main happenings of our pack.

  • At the end of 2010. I’ve got a dog until February, so she was with us at the beginning of this year, until the World Championship. Big Taj’s Brisk Swift Dina is a fantastic dog, special thanks to Lajos Köffer, for giving her to me!
  • 2011.01.02. Mc Delirium Cup, Domonyvölgy: Tivo, Dina and Me took 3rd place in D category.
  • 2011.02.11-13. FISTC World Championship, Donovaly, Slovakia: Tivo, Dina and Me took 6th place in junior D1 category!
  • 2011.03.20. Budapest Championship of Canicross: Tivo and Me took 3rd place in woman category.
  • 2011.05. Our new member, Chatty Eyes Across Alaska has arrived! Nina is now a great part of our family!!!
  • 2011.09. We had a very big loss… Our first siberian husky, Leavin’ Las Vegas of WinterFlower – “Ice” had gone… She taught me so much, I will never forget her! RIP little girl…
  • 2011.09.23-25. XVI. International Sleddog Meeting and Clubshow, Dunaharaszti: We had a great weekend with our friends. Also Nina took part in her first show and Tivo won a lot! 🙂 Tivo and Me took first place in junior canicross, Tivo won the prof. gum-pulling with a fantastic result, and became first in the sausage eating contest too (out of nearly 80 dogs) 😀 On the clubshow Nina became Very Promising Puppy 1, and Puppy BIS 2! I was very happy with her results!
  • 2011.11.17-20. FISTC European Championship for Carts, Smlednik, Slovenia: Tivo and Me defended our bronze medal, and became 3rd again!

So this year we had a new member, but a big loss too, so we’re still only counting 3 members. I’m not happy with our results either, we could do much better, but maybe next year. 🙂 In 2012. I want to finish Tivo’s HCH title, and start Nina HJCH title. Also, I Nina will be old enough I want to start race with the 2 huskies in D category, but I don’t want to stop canicross either, so I have to find a solution…

Well, happy New Year everyone! 🙂

Blanka and the dogs: Mende, Tivo and Nina

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