Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…


So, on Monday we were at home, and at the evening we went to a thai restaurant, because my aunt, Gabi had birthday.

Tuesday we were at home again, but the plan was to go to Livi`s house… After lunch we went to the in-N-out burger and I ate 2 hamburgers… They were really delicious! 🙂

Then we went to a shopping center and I bought two T-shirts, a top for myself, 4 T-shirts for my bigger brother, David, and 3 T-shirts and a jeans for my younger brother, Gabor. I also tried on a lots of converse, but I didn`t like them 😛

And today we went to Jordan`s house, we watched TV, talked and played a lot, it was fun!!! At 5 o`clock we went to MA (martial arts), but we won`t have lesson tomorrow, because the others will have belt test.

Oooooohhh, I forget to write the postcards, so I have to go, bye: Blanka

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