I am late!!!



Oh, I forgot to write a post :O

So, on Wednesday we went to martial arts, I learned a form, it was really good. Than in the evening, Zita and I went to the gym and tried out the trendmill and I looked back and… I fell off… :(:(:( I hit my knee, and now it looks terrible!!! It hurts soooooo much!!!  🙁

I don’t want to write about it anymore…

On Thursday we stayed home and we played with the webkinz. Than, we had lunch, and Gabi said that we don’t have to go to martial arts. We played with the stuffed toys until 7 o’clock, when we went to the Farmers Market. We drank limonade, the others ate corn, and it was fun, I really enjoyed it!!!!! 😀 After it we went to Chilis and ate tacos and hamburger (ok, it was called a sandwich, but it was the same as a hamburger with chicken)


Thats all for today,  Beee & Zeee

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