Party in the USA…

Party in the USA!!! 😀


Having a great time here, and listening to music, watching the colibries…

Yesterday in the morning we investigated and I went to martial arts (MA), it was so cool and hard… I will go every weekday! So, at MA I met with Zita’s friends: Livi, Jordan, Tyler, Chief and Sage (Jordan’s sister). In the evening we went swimming, and we met with 4 boys: Jessie, Sean and other two, but we don’t remember their names 😛

Today I chatted with my classmates, because the school ended today, so it’s vacation now!!! They said I got a present from them, but they didn’t tell me what it was… I have to wait until I get home.

It is still sunny and HOT, that’s why we haven’t been outside yet 😛

I will have lunch in a minute, so we have to go: Blanka and Zita


P.S.: Some pictures from yesterday:

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