I’m in America!!!

Surfin’ USA! 😀


I just swam out of the ocean, cause the plane crashed! (jk=just kidding)

I arrived yesterday at LAX, at about 12:15, American time and 9:15 in Hungarian time. I was pretty tired after the long trip (2 hours to Amsterdam and 9 hours to Los Angeles).

So, I arrived, everyone happy now?? (especially my grandma and parents because I landed safely…) I already ate American steak and went to the pool. Today we will investigate the house and the garden in the morning and will go to martial arts or yoga in the afternoon.  It’s my choice which one.

And about the weather… Hot, Dry, and Sunny. Which is a good thing for me cause we can go to the pool anytime and it’s FUN!!!


So thats all for today… We’ll write soon,

Blanka and the helper: Zita

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