Hi Everyone!

I know, this blog is mostly about my dogs, but it’s my blog, so I will write about my life to 😛 .

Where to start…. I’m a littlebit excited… There are still a lots of exams, but two weeks, and I will be in America!!! No, not two weeks… In 12 days!!! But until it exams, tests, learning, sporting, class trip, Terror House trip… And I have to make presents: for my cousin, Zita, for my aunt, Gabi and for my class… For 7 girls and 6 boys + my headteacher…. I’m pretty busy :O

Oooooh, and my camera is wrong, so I can’t make photos… :'( I hope I can get one somewhere…

Maybe I will write from America… So watch out, because the daily news from America are coming!!! 😀


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