When a dream comes true…

The whole story started a few years ago when I was in Norway for the first time. I was aware, that there are faster and stronger dogs than my huskies, but it was not until I got to borrow a greyster, Gullgutten from Lena Boysen Hillestad that I realized that I want one of these dogs.

I would never trade my huskies for anything and I am super happy that I could start this sport with them. But after some years I really wanted to step up the game and get of those really fast dogs for sprint, who are as crazy about this sport as me.

I quickly started to work on this project once I was back home in Hungary. I had a combination I wanted a puppy from, where the female was emtpy twice. Then another list, where unfortunately the puppies were stillborn. Then I was supposed to go abroad for university, so I iced my plans a bit, it was somehow never a good timing. I was lucky, because I could still race some amazing dogs that I could borrow from other people, since the huskies were not as big fans of canicross as I am. But at the same time every time somebody got a puppy I almost had to block them on Facebook, because I was so jealous. I wanted it sooo badly, but somehow it never worked out. At the same time, the longer I waited the more I wanted THE perfect puppy, instead of just an available puppy from some random litter.

Then I moved to Norway and the reality of having 3 dogs really hit me. They were stressed about the moving, the new place, suddenly living inside and it took a while until Mikal and I could finally agree on having another dog. I was so happy, I could finally start fulfilling my dream! And then out of the blue he got himself Kute, which again delayed my plans…

A bit of arguing and crying later we managed to figure things out, and I started to prepare for my own puppy. I wanted to try breed Anti`s father, Virus once again, just to find out he cannot have puppies anymore. Another round of crying, few months stressing, planning, we try to breed Anti, just to find out the perfect female did not get pregnant… I had this thing, where I wanted to have some sort of connection with the parents, have one after “our” males or something. But it was obviously not possible.

So another round of crying and feeling cursed I just decided that no matter what I will have a puppy this year and got in touch with several people who were planning litters, because I just couldn`t take another disappointment, I wanted to go for sure. Weeks of pedigree analyzing later, after also talking with several more experienced people including the breeders I actually ended up with a litter I did not even think about first, but by the time it was announced the pregnancy was also confirmed. Of course it would not be me if I could do something right, so for a while I thought I am the first on the male list and then realizing I only choose as 4th out of 5 males made me unsure… But after all it was just me being stupid, both for completely misreading a message and for stressing so much which male I can get. So after this rollercoaster you probably don`t care about, but I wrote it down anyways I was only one step away from my dream: I had to choose.

Funnily, my first and second choice would have been other males, and while obviously then I would have never know what I miss, now looking back I got the perfect puppy. So in a cheesy way maybe everything happened for a reason and I got exactly the one I was supposed to, and I cannot imagine choosing another one. Also, while I remember crying over having to decide between Koda and his brother for days, here one puppy just ended up choosing me. So two weeks later, and after years of drama and crying as you could read, we welcomed to the family yet another greyster, Kvikk.

Kvikk is everything I imagined my first own greyster as, but looking nothing like it. I was sure I will get myself a full black dog. After Gullgutten, Virus, Anti and Kute it just had to be black. Worst case scenario black with spots. After we had Helle I was also liking brown ones… So I though maybe a brown one would be cool. But I guess you can tell what color Kvikk is: brown ticked. You can also guess what I think about him: he is the most beautiful dog ever 😛

Kvikk also has some special dogs in his pedigree, including Gullgutten, whom I already told about and X, the brother of Anti (and therefore son of Virus). So afterall, even though they are grandfathers I got what I wanted, a perfect puppy with whose relatives I had some sort of connection with.

Kvikk is a super cool boy, and I can`t wait to tell you about his first weeks with us. He is easy going, balanced, confident, but not dominant. I could talk hours about him… So check back very soon for an update on this guy!

In case you made it until here and read the whole post: Thank you, also: Yes, I cry a lot. But no, I am not a drama queen, I swear!

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