Puppy diary: Finally a big boy

Long time no see, so it is about time to catch up a bit with all the things that have been going on recently.

Kute has turned 1 year old, actually, by today he is almost 1,5 years old. If you think we celebrated this with a 5k run straight away, you are very wrong. He is actually still around 3-4k when it comes to pulling, mostly doing interval trainings. He is being built up just like a kid, starting with pulling work at around 10 months old. Since the summer is warm, we did not train too much, so therefore we could not increase the distance too much. Kute had a very good base when we started, as he could do loads of free-running before the 1st of April.

Now from the end of August we could get back at it again, starting with longer and longer free-running sessions and short pulling sessions. He had some endurance and strength from swimming in the summer, but that does not prepare his ligaments and body for running on harder surfaces, so we had to start again gradually. His main race will be the Norwegian Championship, where he will have to run 3k with Mikal. It is in the beginning of October, so they have a few weeks to prepare the best way possible.

He is very promising, perfect line out, passing dogs, people, cows, sheep without even looking to the side. He is a fun guy, a bit restless, but being able to let him run definitely helps to tire him a bit. The only thing we figured out is that he is not used to head on passing, so we are practising this with him now. He will probably not really need this during his first season, but it`s always nice to train it. Luckily we have a great group of friends we can work with on stuff like this!

It will be fun to see how he will do on his first races this season, so stay tuned!

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