IFSS European Championship on-snow 2020

Since the IFSS European Championship on-snow 2020 was organised in Sweden, I have decided to, despite my lack of skiing skills, go for it and start with Anti. I was planning to do skijøring, but then the official invitation came out and it had a new category: 2-dog sled! Things just got way more interesting. Read more about IFSS European Championship on-snow 2020[…]

Sleeping outdoors with dogs

In Norwegian there is a word describing the close connection of the people and nature. It is called “friluftsliv” – directly translated “free air life” which is an important part of Scandinavians culture (you even have univerity courses under this name!). I am a big fan of being outdoors, especially with my dogs, so I Read more about Sleeping outdoors with dogs[…]